Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long weekend

Hey blog! I just suffered probably the most god-forsaken four-day-weekend in my life, and I was *sooooo* happy to go back to class today! I love my teachers and Arabic is pretty cool. - Although it IS annoying that I can always think of how to say things in Japanese, but have no idea how to say them in Arabic. I live in fear that I might one day blurt out a Japanese word without realizing it during class @_@
Things have been busy here. For kicks I thought I'd post a picture of my school books :

There are a lot of them huh?

Hmm. What's new? Bought a new battery for my laptop, so now I'm mobile again. Moved to a new room where the wireless connection sucks, so I have to go sit out in the lounge if I want to stream a video without it pausing every five minutes. Watched Eli Stone which was a heartwarming show that regrettably ended after just two seasons. Also watched the first season of Sarah Connor.... But it was too depressing to continue, knowing what a uber cliffhanger the show was canceled on. Siiiigh.

Read an amazingly gothic teen novel titled bliss and am now (finally after ages of it being on my list) reading The lightning thief. It's adorable. I'm having trouble getting into the most recent scifi book that I downloaded, which is always a huge disappointment. I'm thinking I'll re-read enders game and sulk.

Have a test tomorrow which I'm (weirdly) psyched about.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HW blurb

Hey blog!

Don't think that just because I haven't written, that nothings been going on. Oh no! Life here, while it has settled into a predictable rhythm, still lacks in the 'boredom' department. Everyday someone says or does something incredible. This past weekend kind of sucked due to me being tired/annoyed with some people. And it was cloudy. I think if the sun could have just come out it would have made anything OK, but the cloud factor lent itself much too easily to pouting, so that's what I did.

On top of which my room-mate moved out to a better room. Kinda don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand, she was cool so her leaving = sad. On the other and I'm extremely antisocial so OMGOMGOMG I GET THE ROOM TO MYSELF!!!! MAHAWHAHWHAWH. And then of course there's the almost mandatory jealousy over her now completely superior housing situation. Sigh. I love my crazy life.

I started class on Friday, super excited about that! The classroom is like this uber long walk away, so my huge accomplishment today was figuring out how to work the shuttle bus system. No more walking = Yay! Proof that despite it's best efforts the Navy has yet to cure me of being inherently lazy XD
The only downside about figuring out the bus was that I then felt guiltily compelled to ride it up to the galley and eat the 'free' food, rather than pay for the uber yummy food near the classroom. Siiigh. I might buy food tomorrow. I dream about guacamole and salivate.

Hmm. What else interesting? I finished watching buffy again..... Can anyone recommend some really awesome shows for me to watch? (especially if they are on netflix...) I definitely study best with some kind of visual/audio stimulation, and as much as I love all the shows on my 'top five' list, I've now seen each of them a minimum of 2 times....
What am I currently watching? Re-watching Battlestar Galatica (epic) and Kyle XY.
Also currently working my way through Medium (about to start season three. ) Even though I've never actually seen all of the episodes, they are formulaic enough that nothing that happens is ever really a surprise.

Also reading loads on my kindle. Read "Green Rider" Per a recommendation, It's a book I've read before and I re-read it with the idea that I would continue with the series...but now I'm not so sure I'll bother. There are plenty of more artfully written books out there.

The book I'm reading now is The Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham.
I haven't gotten a real fix on the book yet, it falls somewhere between Brent Week's Night Angel Trilogy and the more subtle Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss
If that doesn't mean anything to you I'll just say, it's a really good book so far!
And I'm super excited because I have two more potentially awesome books already downloaded on my kindle and ready to go when I finish this one ^^;;