Saturday, June 25, 2011

The violin question

I have been talking about learning how to play the violin for a few years now. I can't really stop obsessing over it, and a few weeks ago when I asked the nice lady at Hobson about it, that all got even worse. She said yes, the hobson did have a violin for people to play. I've been excited and nervous ever since. I ordered books on-line and I've been listening diligently to the suzuki book 1 CD. I must admit I've been a little scared to actually take the next step - to actually pick up the violin would be opening myself up to failure, while talk doesn't let you down. I went to the hobson today though, and guess what I found out? They do have a violin, but it's broken. It only has two strings and I got the impression from the employee I talked to that it's condition was old news, and would last indefinitely. I mentioned that I'd never put new strings on a violin before, but asked if it would be OK for me to give it a try if I brought some in, and he said sure. So it seems like my options are :

wait for the violin to be fixed
buy strings and attempt to fix it myself (scary)
give up for now/buy my own violin.

Not sure what I'm gonna do. But I didn't want to waste the trip up there, so I spent two hours playing the suzuki songs on the piano. Might as well work on my sight-reading, right?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A day in the life

The other day was pretty crazy, so crazy that I think I will share it with you. No, not everyday is this crazy, but yes, DLI is hardcore.

0500 : wake up, roll over and try to go back to sleep

0515 : realize that room-mate is already in shower. Jump out of bed and dress hurriedly.

0600 : clean room, check over HW one last time to make sure everything is filled in.

0630 : Muster on the grinder. Endure uniform inspection and try to memorize the passdown. Today is the command run, muster for the run is at 1600. People with 7th hour should bring their PT gear to class and change there. Curses. I have 7th hour.

0700 : go back to room, shove PT gear and shoes into back pack.

0715 : grab an undersized bacon biscuit from the kiosk. Snag an apple pastry and some milk to put in the coffee.

0745 : After making coffee, eating breakfast at the desk in the class room, and taking attendance, turn in everyones homework.

0755-1545 : Class. Ten minute breaks at the end of every hour plus a 1 hour lunch break from 12-1300. Eat lunch in classroom in order to read kindle during break.

1545 : pack up and change into PT gear in the head. Muster on grinder.

1620 : Forward march! the 2 mile 'ish' run goes up the hill, around the hill, past the PFC, past 833, back down the hill and ends up where we started. We take up a whole lane, and it's amusing to jog past all the cars that have been stopped so that we can all pass. We are one huge mass of mustard yellow and navy blue, singing chants that we know only half the words to at the top of our lungs and keeping - for the most part - in step.

At this point I lose track of time. All I know is pain and exhaustion. Left over sub is in my fridge. Eat. Read. Rest.

1730 : Deck clean up.

Then it's homework, more reading, and bed. Room-mate goes to bed at 2100 and I follow an hour later.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I may be having an affair with coffee. When it was just coffee with lunch during the week I could pretend it was just a fling; something to keep me awake during the second half of class. But now that I'm having coffee with breakfast on the weekends.... I have to admit that it might be something more. But oh is it worth it. Irish Latte how I love you.

Also in good news, the red box finally had my movie! I am number four, so with any luck I'll get to see that today. Yay!

I already finished my homework and I'm thinking about doing Monday's homework in advance just for kicks. Laundry is almost done and I started watching Gray's Anatomy...I'm not sure why I put off watching this show because it's totally epic ^^:;