Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Fran weekend

Dear blog. Hi!!

Wow, I don't post here nearly as much as I thought I would. And I'm so super busy these days! Half of my to-do list never gets check off, and I'm not really keeping in touch with my out-of-state friends and family very well either :/ Meh.

This past weekend, BFF Tabby's parents were in town. Yay! Her parents are awesome, and she let me tag along with them. We ate at california pizza kitchen which I love, and I got them all to play Munchkin with me... it's an awesome game and the rules themselves aren't exactly complicated.... there are just so many different directions the game can go and it gets confusing teaching it to new people while trying to brush up on the rules at the same time >.< Still it was fun. Saturday we drove up to San Francisco .... Pros : It was a lovely scenic trip. I was definitely delightedly to see so much of the pretty scenery.... Cons : Me and cars don't get along and I was motion sick for a large portion of the ride both ways. I don't really mind the discomfort, to me it's worth it, but I hate being such a downer, you know?
We visited the California Academy of Sciences Museum, which was pretty awesome. (my arabic teacher mocked me when I told her that's what I did on my weekend, but I don't care, museums are cool. ) There was a pretty awesome rainforest exhibit that, among other things, but the weather here in Monterey into perspective. My favorite exhibit was the living roof..... I just think the whole concept is freaking cool, and if I ever have the money to build my own house I'm totally building one with a roof like that ^_^

After the museum we went to the Japanese tea garden across the street and I got to drink tea and eat little miniature rice balls. I also bought a pretty - but over priced - Japanese style tea cup. (the tall cylinder kind, not the short little tea cup kind. )
I couldn't help myself! I miss Japanese soooo much.
Don't get me wrong, arabic is an awesome language, and I'm pretty sure I'll get a huge kick out of it once we move on to the more advanced grammar (right now pretty much all we're doing is learning massive amounts of vocab, which is a necessary but boring step in language learning. )
But there is definitely some culture-shock going on with me right now, and I miss Japan :( sigh.

Anyway. The weekend was pretty awesome. Tabby's mom brought several bags of grandma Utz' kettle chips, which are my FAVORITE thing ever - and not sold anywhere here in CA. AND Tabby got her car, which means we are freeeeeeee.
We can go anywhere we want anytime! To prove it we even went an a mini shopping spree today after class. We went shopping on a TUSEDAY. BAHAHAHAHA...... ahaha.

Also, not sure if I mentioned this before, but I joined choir. o.0;; It's frustrating bc everyone else seems to know what they are doing and I feel like a complete idiot trying to sing with my voice cracking and not being able to read sheet music ect, but in theory I like singing....and nobody is outright laughing at me and telling me I'm a lost cause.... so I'm going to slog through it for awhile.

I'm reading a couple of books right now (three at once. hehe. ADD much?) And I'm almost done with all of Charmed, so.... You might get a media rant out of me soonish :)


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Jeanne said...

Museums ARE cool, you are right about that! You're such a rebel going shopping on a Tuesday--it's like I don't even know you anymore ;) j/k