Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watching stuff

Dear Blog,

As suspected, popcorn from the small bag does not taste as good as popcorn from the large tub. Despite knowing full well that the popcorn comes from the same place, I continue to strongly believe this. Saw Cowboys and Aliens today and had sub-par popcorn from a small bag. Hmmmm. Loved the movie though. Everything about it just made me want to smile and dance with glee!

There was this REALLY COOL looking trailer for a new cop show called Prime Suspects that played in the theatre. I can't describe to you how awesome this trailer looked, and I spent hours trying to find it on-line afterwards, but all I could find were these other trailers that were basically just bits and pieces from the show, and I was really disappointed. Really? Another cop show where the whole first season is a winey emo rhapsody about the glass ceiling? Aren't we past that yet? Snore. It doesn't bother me that you can't turn on the TV without finding YET ANOTHER cop-show with all female leads, but do they have to try so hard? Do people actually find this kind of soap-boxing to be good entertainment? I couldn't see a single spark of awesome in any of the trailers I saw on-line, and that makes me sad.
What makes me more sad is true blood. I recently went on a true blood rampage and watched the first 3 seasons (off itunes) and now I'm DESPERATELY looking for a way to watch season 4. Season 4 is airing right now on HBO, and there are NO on-line viewing options for people who don't have cable. There aren't even any decent illegal options, which is depressing, and I have a sinking suspicion that itunes wont get season 4 until the DVD release. :( I don't want to shell out $50 bucks a month and commit to a 2-year contract just so that I can stream true blood Via the new 'online' options that you can get with your cable subscription, because seriously? That's a bit much. But what else am I supposed to do? Grr. I hate this >.<

I remember when hulu was awesome and had a whole bunch of stuff worth watching. What happened to that?

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